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Q- How do Truckin Tax do returns for drivers who live interstate?

A - We do it all by mail and over the telephone. If you have access to the Internet we can use this too but it is not necessary. We have been doing tax for years for drivers we have never met. We have grown to be the largest preparer of transport tax returns on the eastern seaboard solely by word of mouth recommendations.

Q - How does it work?

A - You send us the Group Certificates, Statements of Earnings or any other document you have that gives your income earned and the tax taken out. These must be  originals - not copies. You also send us your name, address and daytime phone number. When we receive this information we ring you and do the tax return over the phone. You do not need to send us any receipts for expenses. You keep these and file them away for your records.

Q - Can my wife/partner be the one that Truckin Tax contacts. I am usually on the road and she handles all the details?

A - Definitely. Just send us her name and phone number so we can contact her.

Q - Do Truckin Tax do tax returns only for transport drivers?

A - No. Usually once we do the transport driver he is so impressed with us he brings in his wife, children, etc. Tax returns for wives, partners. etc. receive a substantial discount if we do them at the same time.

Q - Do Truckin Tax do tax returns for earlier years?

A - Yes. Send the group certificates for earlier years and we process them in the same way.

Q - What happens if I have a rental property?

A - When you send your Group Certificates, etc. to us, also send us a list of income (rental) and expenses for that rental property. Expenses would include rates, insurance, repairs, estate agent fees, etc. We shall go through a complete list with you when we ring you.

Q - Are Truckin Tax expensive?

A - We cost far less than an ordinary accountant. We keep our costs down because we focus primarily on one area - transport. We are usually cheaper than the franchises like ITP and H&R Block particularly with the level of detail we go into.

But the real saving is we know what to claim so we get a much bigger refund for you. The standard fee for a long haul driver is $250 plus GST, for a local driver it is about $120 plus GST, wives and children etc start at $80 plus GST if they are done at the same time.

Q - Are Truckin Tax doing owner drivers?

A - Yes we have highly experienced accountants who specialise solely in owner driver business and taxation services. Please phone our Brisbane office on

     07 3371 9911 to make an appointment.

Q - How long does it take?

A - When we receive your Group Certificates, Statements of Earnings, etc. together with your name, address and phone number we shall contact you in order to prepare the tax return and send it for signing. Once we complete the tax return and receive our fee you should receive your refund within 10 days direct from the Tax Office. If we are able to use email or fax rather than Australia Post several days can be saved in the preparation process.

Q - How do Truckin Tax get paid?

A - Once we have completed your tax return, gone through it with you and made sure you are happy with the result, we send it to you by email, fax or mail for signing. You can pay by credit card over the phone or by sending payment back with your signed return if we are using mail. We cannot accept payment over the internet.

Q - Can Truckin Tax take their fee out of my refund?

A - No. To ensure that you get your complete refund Truckin Tax organize for the refund to go direct to you. Our fee is paid once we have completed the return but before we lodge it with the Tax Office.

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