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Truck Driver Tax Experts

We prepare more tax returns for truck drivers than any other Accountant on the Eastern Seaboard.  Our continued focus on the transport industry offers you more than 60 years of transport tax experience!

Contact us now for a FREE outline of claimable items for truck drivers!

Standard Fee : 

$250.00 plus GST 

(Long haul Driver)

$120.00 plus GST 

(Local Driver)

(Spouses/Children if done at same time)


Easy Mail

Truckin Tax is once again showing the initiative for Transport Taxation by offering EASYMAIL Tax Returns.

This service allows Tax Returns to be prepared by mail.  Just print the EASYMAIL pdf below, complete and return with your documents.

It means that Transport drivers who cannot come into the office, either because they live interstate or just don't have the time, can now have their Tax prepared by someone who is an expert in Transport Tax.


Fast and easy, I just sent in my tax records and left it to the experts! 

P. Graham

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