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Work related expenses

A more detailed look at the various expenses noted in the previous blog include :

Work-related clothing – you can claim for protective clothing, uniforms,

Occupation specific clothing, and laundering and dry cleaning of these items.

You can claim for client specific expenses, where you wear a uniform with the company logo

shown on the uniform.

You can claim occupation specific clothing such as high visibility shirts and pants with reflective strips


Protective clothing such as steel capped boots, sun protection clothing, gloves, overalls,

and heavy duty shirts and trousers (but not jeans).

Protective equipment such as hard hats and safety glasses are also claimable.

Items such as jeans, socks and singlets are not claimable as they are not classed as protective

clothing, even though you may only wear these items for work, they are not work specific

as far as the ATO is concerned.

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