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Amended Tax Assessment

I sometimes get a call from a truck driver who has just received an amended assessment from the Australian Taxation Office saying they have reduced the applicable claims as the driver has not provided the necessary documentation to confirm the claim.

The driver says this is the first they have heard about it and is there anything they can do?

There usually is, the problem is the ATO has initially posted out a review of the work related claims to the driver and has asked them to provide the necessary receipts and substantiation to back up their claims. The trouble is that the address the ATO is using was an old address and as such the driver has moved and not received it. As the ATO has not received a response from the unsuspecting driver within a specified time, an amended assessment is issued with a reduction in the claims and a fine or penalty of approx. 25% for over claiming on the original income tax return. As soon as the driver becomes aware of the amended assessment they should contact the ATO immediately and ask for a review. If the ATO does not undertake a review the driver can lodge an objection and have the assessment reviewed, however they must ensure they have the necessary documentation to support their case for the objection!

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