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Travel Expenses Update 2018

Another tax year is just about to close so it is worthwhile confirming what the ATO will allow for reasonable amounts for travelling expenses while away from home.

Initially on the 3rd of July 2017, the ATO reduced the claim for travel expenses to $ 55-30 per night that a driver was away from home, ie : this is the amount a driver can claim without needing to substantiate their claims by way of invoices and receipts. The ATO then revised this amount to increase the amount in line with previous years to $ 99-60.

The same rules still apply, you can claim up to $ 99-60 per night provided you can prove that you have spent that much per night, ie : by having receipts, menus, diary evidence etc.

Just because you are away for a night does not mean you can claim the $ 99-60 per night, it is very important that you are able to prove you have spent $ 99-60 per night.

The ATO will again be watching truck drivers to see what claims they are making for their travelling expenses. It is essential that you do have the necessary substantiation to back up your claims as an audit can be very costly both financially and mentally.

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