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Travel Allowance Update

Truck drivers who are paid an allowance to cover cost of food while they stay away from home for 24 hours or more must ensure they have the necessary proof to back up their claims when claiming these expenses in their income tax return.

The ATO used to be lenient in that if you received a travel allowance to stay away from home you could claim up to a reasonable amount limit without having to substantiate any claims for your travel expenses. Those days are over! The ATO will now require drivers to substantiate their claims either through keeping receipts, a diary of costs spent on food or some other proof.

Drivers are still able to claim for the costs of meals while away from home, but they may be painting a big bullseye on their back if they do not take the appropriate steps to ensure they are claiming the correct expenses.

For more information regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss.

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